Monday, April 18, 2011

Sil-Pat Non Stick Baking Sheet

Price - $15.98

What I Say:

Of all the items that I have in my kitchen, this is probably in my top three favorites. It's smart and simple to use. Nothing sticks to this puppy. I use it for baking fish, bread, cookies, potatoes, and anything else that will fit on a regular cookie sheet. It's economical in that it is completely reusable again and again, and much better for the environment than using disposable liners.

What Others Say:

As a professional chef in a very busy hotel, I find myself using this product more often than reaching for a can of PAM - if not for the solitary reason that it lasts and lasts through hundreds of cycles in and out of convection and conventional ovens - and never needs more than a wipe with a damp cloth! At home this ease of cleaning as well as its non-failing performance makes this and easy product to grant a full five stars!

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