Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Sony iPhone Clock Radio

Sony Clock Radio for iPod (Black)

Price: $34.37

What I Say:
It's hard to give up things that you're used to. For many, a clock beside the bed is par for the course. This version though, lets you also keep and charge your iPhone or iPod right by the bed, while giving you a nice big clock to check throughout the night. You can also use it as a clock radio so you can be woken up by your favorite music instead of random radio. It also has a battery that holds power in case you have an outage while you sleep.

What Others Say:
Love it, and it is even better than the description makes it sound. I love that I can set the volume for the alarm itself so that I can listen to music while I fall asleep and not have to worry about it being too low in the morning to wake me up. I also love that I can turn the backlight off at night.

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